We use data and technology to enable you to understand the planning and development potential of land and property at scale.

We use data and technology to enable you to understand the planning and development potential of land and property at scale.

Land and Development Consultancy

Urban Intelligence has advanced expertise in town planning, geospatial analysis and data science, along with access to the best data and information available in the UK property market. This allows us to carry out powerful analysis on an unprecedented scale. Leveraging our expertise in data science we can assist your organisation in performing a range of activities that include:

  • Impact analysis
  • Sustainability appraisals
  • Search for potential development sites based on specific development or investment criteria
  • Analyse in real time the development potential of a land portfolio

We can identify sites and filter thousands of data points on almost any variable, examples include:

  • Parcel size
  • Ownership type
  • Building heights
  • Site topography
  • Access to town centres
  • Proximity to schools and other local services and features
  • Distance from environmental constraints
  • Active travel locations
  • Density requirements
  • Protected Land (such as Green Belt or Employment Zones)
  • CIL / Open Space requirements

Urban Intelligence will treat your search criteria with confidentiality and formally agree to protect your data and information through Non-Disclosure Agreements. We can provide you with our findings in a range of formats, including PDF, Excel (.CSV), Mail Merge. We can even arrange for mail shot campaigns with our partners - saving you time and effort, and enabling you to win more deals.

Portfolio Appraisals for Asset Managers

If your organisation is interested in the automated appraisal and monitoring of large property portfolios, we can help. Traditionally, tracking the changing development picture of your land and property assets has been costly and time-consuming requiring a lot of laborious research.

We've been pioneering an automated approach using our SiteScore software. This will allow you to explore thousands of sites' development potential based on their individual characteristics and capacity. We also have intelligence on local planning and environmental constraints enabling you to de-risk your development projects at the earliest opportunity before any investment is made. Using our automated valuation model, we can also estimate likely GDV and costs of developing your assets for a range of land use types, enabling you to quickly spot and unlock value.

We can also provide clients with portfolio alerts based on the changing policy landscape.

Services offered:

  • Due diligence
  • Site appraisal
  • Portfolio management and monitoring
  • Asset and portfolio valuation

Central and Local Government

As a pioneer of the #PlanTech movement, we are committed to the creation of a fully digital planning system, and are already making it a reality. As a licensed Ordnance Survey, HM Land Registry and British Geological Survey partner, we are able to assist your organisation in making your data open and accessible.

Urban Intelligence can help with all stages of data digitisation and licensing. We have the capacity to convert paper and PDF based text and spatial data into truly accessible, reusable and machine readable data that can be easily indexed and queried. We can also develop bespoke software and data management solutions to meet your needs.

As part of the digital planning process, a range of tasks in plan-making and development management can be automated, increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of policies.

Digital planning leads to better planning outcomes that not only save both time and money, but result in the creation of the sustainable places that our citizens deserve. Urban Intelligence is looking to partner with authorities that share our enthusiasm for digital planning.

Particular areas of interest to us include:

  • Automated Real-Time Evidence Base Data (e.g. Strategic Housing Market Assessments)
  • Automated Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments (SHLAA) / Sustainability Appraisals
  • Fully Digital Plans

Testimony: Transport for London

Our property team worked with Urban Intelligence on a first-of-a-kind pilot project to analyse and appraise a large volume of potential development sites in London. We were impressed with the depth of the UI survey and its efficiency. Using Urban Intelligence’s SiteScoring software enabled us to gain an in-depth understanding of the portfolio, providing excellent results in a short amount of time and cost-efficient way.

From our experience, while the team is small, they were knowledgeable in matters ranging from planning and the built environment to the latest methods of software development and artificial intelligence. They are passionate about the subject matter and are very helpful in guiding those with less technical experience through the process.

We would be open to working with Urban Intelligence again in undertaking further site appraisals, particularly those which involve appraising many sites at scale.

Candice Lemaitre, Commercial Development – Innovation Lead, Transport for London