Who are we?

Urban Intelligence is a property technology (or PropTech) business on a sophisticated mission to enable systemic change, pulling UK property development into the 21st century. We were founded in 2014 by Daniel Mohamed, a young planner frustrated with trawling around local council websites for deeply buried data and information. He decided to create a system that would enable users to identify development potential across England and Wales at the click of a button.

We are excited by the idea of 'smart cities', but are mindful of the practical realities that those working in land, property and local government face in their day-to-day lives today! We know that the first step towards a fully digitised and intelligent land use planning system is the conversion of traditional sources of data and information into indexed and machine readable formats. This is no small undertaking - particularly at scale. We are actively engaged in the process of collecting and organising data for land and development from a range of sources - the local level being a particular area of our expertise.

Once established, we believe that a digital land use planning system with global reach and neighbourhood level precision will enable the data-driven decision making that is necessary to increase the efficiency of anthropological habitation in our villages, towns and cities, whilst minimising harm to the natural environment and wastage of our precious resources. We also believe that data can be used to optimise quality of life in our towns and cities, making people happy, healthy and prosperous.

The Urban Intelligence team come from a range of diverse personal and professional backgrounds and bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience from around the world. We love collecting and analysing data and information on all manner of subjects from town planning and land economics to ecology and heritage. Among our investors and supporters are experts in the traditional real estate and planning world together with global leaders and pioneers in the cutting-edge PropTech and location data.

The Urban Intelligentsia

Daniel Mohamed FRSA

Founder & CEO



Adam Thynne ACA

Non Executive Director

Mark Griffiths

Technical Lead

Janosch Hoffmann PhD

Lead Geospatial Scientist

Rand Irons

Data Lead

Chris Lane MRTPI

Senior Planner

Investors & Supporters